The worst mine disaster in Ohio’s history is the subject of a new documentary from local filmmaker Burr Beard.The short film documents a difficult time in local history, when the Sunday Creek Coal Company Mine Number 6, at the time considered one of the safest mines in the Hocking Valley coal fields, exploded, killing 82 people.

A photo taken from the day of the worst mining accident in Ohio history. Beard’s short film features footage from the day.

The screening of the film will be Wednesday, May 16 at 7 p.m. in the historic Tecumseh Theater, located at 116 W Main St., Shawnee. Admission is $5. A discussion will follow the screening.

Beard’s 19-minute film includes footage recorded on the day of the mine explosion as well as interview footage with family members who lost men that day.

The screening will include a preview of Burr Beard’s newest documentary, Rendville: Across the Color Line, which documents the history of former coal mining community of Rendville.

Donations to the Little Cities of Black Diamonds Council are welcome. The LCBD Council works to preserve the history and culture of the Hocking Valley coal fields. There will also be a LCBD history display available for viewing in the theater, which has a newly renovated first floor, with the second and third floors to follow.


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