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Ohio’s Hill Country Heritage Area has been working to preserve Ohio’s Appalachian culture, environment and history for more than 20 years. We are a community and member-supported non-profit dedicated to sustainable growth and preservation of the assets and stories unique to Appalachian Ohio. Learn more about what we do and why you should support us!

Our Events

The Ohio Paw Paw Festival – September – Lake Snowden – Albany

paw paws

Every summer for the last two decades, thousands have people gather at Lake Snowden to celebrate Ohio’s state fruit, the Paw Paw, native to the state’s southern hills. The fruit is used to make beer, ice cream, jam, and many, many other sweet, slightly tangy foods. Festival-goers can also enjoy dozens of local food trucks, live music, crafts, and many opportunities for learning and other experiences. 2018 marks the 20th year of the Paw Paw Festival!

Appalachian Heritage Awards – December – Statehouse – Columbus

App Her Luncheon
Attendees at the 2017 Appalachian Heritage Awards in the beautiful Atrium of the Ohio Statehouse. Photo Credit Devin Cain.

Each year, Ohio Hill Country Partners with Heritage Ohio to hold the Appalachian Heritage Awards at the Ohio Statehouse in downtown Columbus. Recipients of each award tell the story of their success, whether it be a historic building renovation, a community art project, a small business, a local historical society in one of Appalachian Ohio’s small towns or any of the other inspiring recipients of the Heritage Awards.

Our Headquarters

The Winding Road Marketplace was established in 2016 in a restored Victorian-era building on Shawnee’s historic Main Street. Besides overseeing the restoration of the historic Tecumseh Theater across the street, the location places us at the center of one of the most fascinating little cities of Black Diamonds in what we call the Winding Road region, just one region within the 31-county heritage area that OHCHA oversees. The back space of the shop is used for Winding Road meetings or for any purposes needed by our stakeholders. Visitors can also spend time in our meeting space to pick up pamphlets and other info about events, programs, tours and other exciting happenings along the Winding Road!

The front space of the Winding Road Marketplace serves as a sale space for locals to display and sell local art, jewelry, food, crafts, handmade goods, home decor, and many other items which hold a special significance–a unique sense of place that only comes from being locally sourced and crafted by local hands in the hills of Southeastern Ohio which hold so much history and natural beauty.

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Where We Serve

Ohio’s Hill Country Heritage Area encompasses the original 29 Appalachian counties, plus Fairfield and Pickaway Counties. The Winding Road Region, which includes 9 of those counties, is at the start of a regional branding effort for sustainable growth which many in the region think could benefit other regions in Ohio Hill Country!OHCHA WR Counties final MAP-page-001

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