President – Tom O’ Grady

Hometown: Stockport

As the Director of the Southeast Ohio History Center in Athens, Tom O’ Grady not only manages one of the most expansive repositories of Southeast Ohio stories, but he is one himself. Residing in SE Ohio since 1980, he ran the Athens County Recycling and Litter Control Program and has been engaging Ohioans with the history of the region ever since. Also an outstanding photographer and orator, Tom is a talented presenter of Ohio History from its barns and canals to architecture and politics.

Vice President – Tim Traxler

Hometown: Millfield

Tim Traxler has been a vocal supporter of historic preservation in Athens County and the surrounding area for several years. He has worked as a private contractor in the construction trades, he is building a home outside Millfield that showcases the many artifacts Tim has collected over the years from Southeast Ohio. He has been especially involved in the management and restoration of one of Athens County’s most infamous and mystifying historical landmarks: The Athens Asylum, also called “The Ridges.”

Treasurer – John Winnenberg

Hometown: Glouster

John Winnenberg grew up in the middle of the Little Cities of Black Diamonds region and has spent much of his time here committed to preservation. He was one of the leaders in saving the theater building that has become known as Tecumseh Theater on Shawnee’s historic Main Street. The building’s newly renovated first floor now serves as a community meeting place. Winnenberg is also a key organizer in the Winding Road Network and it’s economic development and sustainable tourism initiative.

Secretary – Amy Grove

Hometown: Stockport

Amy Grove has worked on preservation and celebration of history and culture in Southeast Ohio for many years. A Pennsylvania native who put down roots in Morgan County in the 1970’s, Amy works as an ambassador for Morgan County’s many assets with the OSU Cooperative Extension Program. She and her husband were the last people to operate the Stockport Mill as a working feed mill before it became a historic hotel.

Other Board Members

Joyce Barrett, Columbus

Director of Heritage Ohio since 2007, Joyce has been involved in preservation for many years, previously serving as Director of Preservation at Heritage Ohio. She began her career in museums, received her BS in History from Iowa State University. She has also worked at the Smithsonian Institute. She also received her MBA from Arizona State University and has served as the Associate Executive Director of the Arizona Historical Society and Executive Director of the Iowa Historic Preservation Alliance.

Ben Carpenter, Somerset

The longtime Director of Perry County Soil and Water District, Ben began his first term as Perry County Commissioner in 2017. He also farms grass-fed beef at Mt. Airy Farms outside of Somerset, and a runs a successful food truck using the proceeds form the farm and other local food.

Pat Henahan, Columbus

A longtime supporter of heritage preservation, Henahan was a program officer with the Ohio Arts Council. Along with fellow historian Nancy Recchie, Henahan was one of the founders of the Ohio Hill Country Heritage Area concept. The Lancaster native has also been active in the Ohio National Road Association.

Evan Shaw, Meigs County

Evan Shaw has used his award-winning videography skills to tell stories of home towns around Southeast Ohio with the “Our Town” series, which so far has documented the history of Lancaster, Pomeroy, Jackson, and Athens. An avid historian and video story-teller, Shaw has worked as a videographer for NFL Films and is currently employed by WOUB. He, his wife, and their young son live in Athens.