support us button full pageOhio’s Hill Country Heritage Area would not exist without the donated time and money of the people who are committed to sustainably improving this region and maintaining our connection to this land, its people and their past. It is the passion and volunteerism of so many people who are proud to live in Appalachian Ohio that fuels everything we do. We are endlessly grateful to our past and recent donors for their support!

Telling Our Stories

As an organization serving such a large area, we know that we are constantly trying to keep up with the excitement and intrigue that fills this region. Yet, we find that telling the stories of this region, its history, its nature, its people, is the easiest part of our job. The hard parts come when we have to choose the stories we get to tell because we’ve run out of time or space. We suspect there are many people in this region who share that passion and may not know where to channel it.

We encourage our donors to become storytellers with us, because there are always ways to get involved in our mission. We believe that all it takes to instill the same excitement about this region is know this region for all its intriguing history, environmental beauty and lively culture. Find out how you can get involved by contacting us, or become a supporter!

Committing to “Local”

Every dollar coming into OHCHA, whether it is donated, or it comes to us through one of our many fundraising efforts, is reused is funneled back into our region in one of our many outreach efforts.

paw paw fest.jpg
The annual PawPaw Fest is a perfect example of OHCHA’s commitment to the community. The Festival began 20 years ago committed to sustainability, community development, and the celebration and preservation of the area’s history and culture–and of course its native fruit, the Paw Paw. Though the festival has grown into a huge event, it maintains a small environmental footprint and outsources activities or jobs to locals wherever possible. The festival draws thousands of people from Ohio and beyond.  A portion of the funds raised go into supporting OHCHA operations. Photo credit: Ohio University

We make concerted efforts to create or support new local businesses, programs, products, tours and other efforts to sustainably preserve and showcase our home. Each of our own programs is carried out with maximum community input and involvement.

Donations can be made online, or can be sent to

Ohio’s Hill Country Heritage Area at
PO Box 114
Shawnee, Ohio, 43782


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