Loan Fund Will Support Entrepreneurs Along The Winding Road

Small businesses drive our economy and make up the vast percentage of businesses in Ohio.  A major goal of the USDA Rural Business Development Grant project administered by the Perry County CIC is to help entrepreneurs establish and grow their small businesses along Ohio’s Winding Road.   Funding is usually needed for growth, so part of the grant funds will be used to establish a $50,000.00 Microloan Program.  Entrepreneurs will be linked to local organizations to help them develop or refine their business plans.  If those business plans identify a need for equipment, website development or similar assets to help with growth, the entrepreneurs will be encouraged to apply for a microloan.  Loans will be available in the next few months in the $5-10,000 range at market rates for terms of up to 5 years.  We hope that the region’s entrepreneurs will participate in this next phase of the Winding Road.  While this fund is being administered through Perry County, it is open to those in the Winding Road Region.  Contact Perry County Community Improvement Corporation Director, Tom Johnson for more information.  740-621-3580 or


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