Shawnee in Winter 2009 1

On March 12, a Community Visioning Session was held in Shawnee.  The session was

organized by Grant Sector Leader Ohio Hill Country Heritage Area and Shawnee Mayor

Renee Brunton. Led by Crooked Road Expert Todd Christensen, the group worked through

various visioning exercises, and the following themes emerged:

Assets of Shawnee:

 Beautiful downtown buildings and structures on Main Street

 Outdoor recreation (Wayne National Forest)

 Appalachian culture, including coal heritage (real history)

 Arts and Music

 Friendly, welcoming, genuine people

 Park and Gazebo

 Restored train car

 The B & C Carryout: offers food and groceries; should be expanded

 Desperado’s Bar & Restaurant also provides food options

Desired Businesses for Shawnee’s Downtown Empty Buildings:

 Local foods

 Local crafts

Connections to rest of Winding Road: Buckeye Trail, opera house trail, for

theater festivals, Robinsons Cave, Mine Fire, Watershed clean-up sites, ATV

trails, motorcycle routes, antique shop trail, CSX Rail Bed Trail, historic mining

communities trail

Next Steps:

 Plan process to get community buy-in

 Inventory available properties

 Plan connections to Winding Road

 Inventory sources of funding

 Provide technical assistance to business owners

 Seek guidance from branding experts

 Build state and public awareness

The Winding Road team will provide assistance to the Village of Shawnee to seek funding

for a fully developed community led revitalization master plan.




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