Barracks Meeting Photo
Todd Christensen of The Crooked Road – Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail gives inspirational and informative talk on similar communities and projects.

Project leadership group reconvenes and expands. Clarifies the “whys” and purpose of the project. Guiding principals established during the initial year are tweaked and expanded upon.   Quality standards are identified and folks recruited to work on catalog application/jury standards.

Elected Officials/Fundraising Learning Community meets and begins to strategize next steps for funding.

Letter of Intent/Application Form for submissions to 2016 Catalog….Letter of intent due in November, Final Application by December. Ohio Hill Country Heritage Area sends out requests for LOI’s by early October.

National Association of Interpreters Certified Interpretive Guide training offered in September. Contact Michelle Robinson at OHCHA to register.

Arts Learning Community will reconvene to organize arts/bicycle event.

Arts Learning Community and entire Winding Road community gathers in Zanesville on October 10th for Winding Road Foot by Foot celebration (afternoon)….possible morning tour of Zanesville by hosts??

Technology & Marketing Learning Community expands and continues meeting (most likely at Tecumseh Commons in Shawnee). Emphasis on Yelp, Social Media, WordPress web sites to begin. Yelp used to cross promote events, network events.

Business consultants look at logistics training package for entrepreneurs (pricing tours, using Pay Pal and Sqaure Reader, etc.)

November Winding Road Stakeholder gathering to be set and planned.

Jurying standards are set for products in catalog. A transparent rubric of qualities are established to guide the types of products in catalog. Volunteers are needed to work on this.

Each sector learning community needs a “dialogue spark” person identified. This person(s) assures that dialogue continues and meeting/discussion formats are announced and participation follows. OHCHA Americorps Alicia Palone will promote this activity.

Roamin’ The Hills visitation among group members are organized. One will be on October 10 in Zanesville. Mimi Morrison has agreed to host one in the Athens area as well.   These events are hopefully overnight. Project funds will be looked into to help offset lodging costs.

Plans will be made for a study trip to The Crooked Road in Virginia.

Project staff identifies clear month-to-month outcomes for the coming year, beginning with September 2015 through August 2016. Outcomes need to meet grant outcomes, but more importantly the stakeholder learning community needs to seize control of the important outcomes that will assure momentum and success.

Feature articles for 2016 catalogue should set the tone for the type of Winding Road region we envision and are working toward building where 25-40 year olds want to live and work here. Examples a story of an entrepreneurial local foods purveyor, or someone living in the hills but telecommuting to a professional job….etc. Submission solicitation will be made this fall.

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