Hellloo World!

I guess this is the part where I talk about myself??

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My name is Alicia Caton and I’m the newest AmeriCorps member for Ohio’s Hill Country Heritage Area! Woohoo! I’m a native to Ohio – born and raised in Lancaster and currently living in Athens – a lively and diverse community with a culture all it’s own. Upon graduating high school in 2006, I had nooo idea what I wanted to do with my life. I had so many interests and hobbies, I couldn’t pick just one thing to be passionate about. In 2008 I earned my Associate’s Degree in Arts & Business and also spent some time studying at Ohio State. I was (and still am and will always be) a bit of a free spirit 🙂 I didn’t want to go through the typical (and sometimes mundane) motions of life, so I decided to spend some time out west in California – living, loving, and exploring life! During my visits back home to Ohio, I saw the wonderful growth and transformations that many of the small communities were undergoing. I soon realized that the lovely state of Ohio was blossoming into a beautiful, thriving, homegrown – yet cultured- community….and I wanted to be a part of it. Shortly after moving back to Ohio in 2012, I took a short sabbatical to figure out what my true passions were. It was pretty simple for me to understand that the one thing I wanted most was to lead a beautiful, simple, and happy life helping the world become a better place. So what better place to start than my own community?? I was very grateful when I was offered the opportunity to serve with Ohio’s Hill Country and AmeriCorps. This was diving timing for me to commit and contribute to creating a sustainable community for my generation and our youth who will make an even bigger impact on this awesome place we call home. I’m a lover of all things outdoors! Backpacking, exploring, learning, and my dog are just a few of the beautiful things in my life.

“Never before have we been so willing to lean in and further our own evolution in service to being the women we want to be to attract and sustain the life and relationship we desire to have. Never before have we been so interested in how to repair the ruptures that are a normal part of relating, or how to truly love another human being outside of our own self-serving agendas. Plus, never before have we been so willing to learn how to release relationships that are no longer appropriate for us to hold on to, in ways that will leave us uncluttered and free to move forward with courage, optimism, and hope in our hearts.” -Katherine Woodward Thomas

Thanks for reading! Love and good vibes, Alicia

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