The Winding Road

Unfiltered and unpasteurized, The Winding Road is the embodiment of travel experiences for learning, adventure, and engagement to indulge in the riches of Ohio’s Appalachian region.
The fine arts, local foods, distinct people and history, performance and unique outdoor recreation opportunities all contribute to the culture and heritage that define Appalachia Ohio.  Ohio’s Hill Country Heritage Area sponsors development of six sectors along Ohio’s Appalachian Winding Road:  heritage, outdoor recreation/environmental learning, the arts, local foods, education & youth, tourism related businesses.
We give special attention to training guides through the Certified Interpretive Guide Program from the National Association of Interpreters.  We help incubate tours such as the African Americans in Southeastern Ohio Tour and Finely Crafted in Ohio’s Hill Country Tour.
Discover the tastes of homegrown foods specific to the region or tour the spring beauty of historic downtowns by bike. Learn about Appalachia Ohio’s significant coal history or the native Hopewell and Adena cultures prominent to the region. Hike among the history on an interpretive guided tour or kayak along the rivers rich with native flora, fauna, and birds. The opportunities are endless in Ohio’s Rising Appalachian culture.
Although Ohio’s Hill Country Heritage Area aims to serve the original 29 Appalachian counties in Ohio (plus Fairfield and Pickaway), the Winding Road focuses on a subregion that includes the Hocking and Muskingum River Valleys in southeastern Ohio. For more information about The Winding Road and the experiences offered, please visit the website at

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